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Nature and Me : From an Introduction to an Eternal Bond

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Those days when nature kept us busy.

My first tryst with Nature was probably when I could barely stand on my feet. Happily perched on my mother's lap, I would follow her gaze towards the azure sky. The small garden in front of our house with colourful flowers would always make me squeal with joy.

How Nature entertained me those days! The evening walks along the tall and flowering Gulmohar (Delonix Regia) with my mother is something that remains fresh in my mind till date. The constant chirping of the birds in the morning and evening always kept me company. The sparrows, magpies and pigeons were my first 'walkers'. How I stumbled and fell as I attempted to catch the chirpy sparrow under the watchful eyes of the sombre pigeon - friends of my childhood!

Growing up I witnessed the urban jungle spread slowly, invading into the territory of Mother Nature. I realized how much natural beauty has seeped out of our lives. Along with the pristine surroundings, left the sparrows, the pigeons and the fireflies of the dark. Little did I knew that I too shall be embarking on a journey similar to my childhood friends. I would move out of the suburbs into the city - the jungle of concrete.

The only Nature I could be in company with was the cacophonous crow and the dusty sky. I could no longer listen to the whispers of the tall Eucalyptus in the spring breeze. All that surrounded my habitat was tall towers of concrete with pigeon hole balconies. The night would no longer bring the fireflies to my little garden, instead, they would be filled by lines of moving light on wheels pumping noxious gasses into the stale nocturnal air.

And yet how time will conspire against me and my family to remind us that our connection with Nature was never broken. A lesson learned in posterity!

Now, as I approach the autumn of life, I realize with alarming clarity that no matter the pinnacle human achievement may reach, we were and we will forever be in debt of Mother Nature. She sustains the entire human race. As chemicals continue to rage war in our bodies, realization dawn upon human civilization that, nothing compares to the remedies of Nature. She is the Eternal Healer. She soothes the lonely soul and heals that blocked artery. And yet, we never bother to tell her our stories.

Unless we make the much-needed connection with Nature, how else can we receive Her healing touch?

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