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Gooseberry Facts:How Natural Remedy affect you in the long run

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Curiosity need not always kill the Cat. At times, you discover a treasure house of knowledge that will forever enrich your life. (NCBI)

A life of health, beauty and a kind of happiness that has little to do with your Bank Balance. I confess here that, I do eye that new outfit on display with vanity and that pair of Swarovski Crystal studded earrings makes me pull my purse string.

But imagine, the blocked artery demands that your body be loaded with chemical pills to the extent of making you dizzy, how tempting would that new dress or a new pair of earrings be?

"Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship - Buddha"

A bond most precious - Family

My father's complete recovery from being a potential cancer patient had raised enough curiosity in me to revisit the doctor. What did he imply when he said 'Secrets of Nature'? What secrets can a humble gooseberry have? I prepared a list of question for the doctor who saved my father's life.

I found him sitting idly reading a newspaper in the evening sun. A man of such knowledge, struggling to keep queue with hoards of patients clamouring to get his remedies was what I had imagined.

"Ah! I see you are back!" he said, his eyes lighting up. "How is your father? I hope he is not giving away to temptations anymore?" he inquired. Assuring him that my father wouldn't loiter around anyone smoking a cigarette for a billion dollars, I opened my list of questions to him.

"I don't claim to know everything. I claim to be a seeker of knowledge. - Marie Osmond"

The wise gentleman read all my questions with the patience of a saint and said with a smile "To speak of 'The Secrets of Nature', a lifetime may run short. However, I can certainly tell you about the humble gooseberry and as you can see it won't make any difference to my queue of patients" said he gazing at his empty room.

"The gooseberry is the King of Ayurveda along with few other herbs and roots. Each herb has its own importance and most of them don't have 'Antagonistic Interaction' with each other, so to speak in the modern language of the Pharmaceutical Industry. However, Ayurveda always advocates against extremity, too much of anything is poisonous."

No sooner had he said this, I pounced upon him with "how do I know how much is too much and how little is too little?". My impulsive interruption hardly made any dent in his countenance.

He said "If you eat something obsessively, you would be poisoning yourself. If an adult obsessively consumes gooseberry every day, he will face the consequences of excessive Vitamin C in his body, it will affect his metabolism and with continued consumption, his body will counter react with an ailment". "So you see, how something that was meant to heal turned harmful"

I interrupted him again, "So are you saying that we should all eat Gooseberries in moderation?" And he simply replied "Certainly!". (NCBI)

I was armed with many complex questions to bombard him and yet he floored me with a simple reply. I fumbled "How and When should we eat Gooseberry?"

"Trees are Earth's endless effort to speak to the listening heaven. - Rabindranath Tagore"

Elixir of Life - A Glass of Fresh Gooseberry Juice

"You can eat gooseberries all year round. A single raw gooseberry after your mid-day meal in the winter can do wonders to your digestive system and immunity. It keeps the flu at bay. It will also give a boost to your crowning glory, as you must have noticed, hair fall tends to be more during winter." he paused to look at my face riddled with questions, smiled and continued.

"For children below 10 years of age, I recommend half a gooseberry during winter. Slow and steady habitual consumption will eventually build robust metabolism of the little cherubs.

For people above the age of 70, especially those who have never taken any gooseberry before and are taking a lot of chemical medicines, you might have to suggest them my name."

"I am almost 75 and I consume Amla Juice (Indian Gooseberry juice) every day. Gooseberry Juice keeps me from gaining weight by regulating my Body Metabolic Rate (BMR).

It keeps my heart and arteries in excellent condition by reducing the low-density lipoprotein LDL (Bad Cholesterol) and protecting the High-density lipoprotein HDL ( Good Cholesterol)".

"I am neither addicted to alcohol nor to cigarettes, but I absolutely recommend, those who are, to drink Amla or Gooseberry juice every day, it reduces the harmful effects of nicotine" (NCBI)

"Once you have dialogue starting, you know you can break down prejudice. - Harvey Milk"

I almost fell off my chair when he spoke of his age. This man, with a twinkle in his eye, skin as taught as horseback, with only laugh lines and negligible crows feet as its only flaw, a head full of almost black hair, sitting upright facing me, is a senile man of 75? I realised the next second, a man of his age and reputation would not resort to untruth.

Seeing my expression, he quipped mischievously "There are other things I do and follow, but you must be getting home now that it is quite late, come back again with your questions.

Till then remember - "Too much of Nectar will Turn to Poison. There are time, place and methods to do everything - That is the Way of Nature" he said.

And after many years I found the exact words in Ancient Sanskrit (अति सर्वत्र वर्जयेत् ) which is as follows "Ati Sarvatra Varjayet" literally meaning "Extremity in Anything must be Discarded".

Indians since centuries have been following a 'Way of Life' which is harmoniously blended with Nature, Seasons, Time of the Day and Lifestyle. One of which is avoiding excessive use of anything, what the west would refer to as 'abuse'.

If you are wondering that you would receive the same 'quick-fix' as any over-the-counter medicine provide, then I must explain that, for natural remedies to work, our bodies must be in tune with Nature and Natural remedies. You cannot speed up the process by taking 'more' of it.

So start slow.

If you have a specific ailment and is hoping for Ayurvedic or Natural Cure, please contact a Certified Ayurvedic Physician for a more detailed therapy. But if you are interested in your general health upkeep, then you can start with how the Indians have been doing it for centuries.

Considering you have no particularly serious pre-existing medical condition, you can certainly make a start.

If you are an adult, you can start with half a teaspoon of Indian Gooseberry Powder mixed with lukewarm water in empty stomach first thing in the morning. Or an Indian Gooseberry Pill if you are in a rush.

Just know that initially, Indian Gooseberry will attempt to clear your bowels, so you may have to take a few trips to your bathroom, but it won't kill you.

Had it been so, the entire Indian Population would have been wiped off many centuries back. These guys must have been doing something right!

Indian Gooseberry also happens to work wonders for tummy related problems. So, it is basically offering you a bonus.

Next, my Ayurvedic Physician recommended me to never skip a meal if I am making it a habit to eat a gooseberry a day. Especially, skipping the breakfast is highly frowned upon in traditional Indian households, because it is assumed that you had your shot of Indian Gooseberry in the empty stomach and going off without your breakfast.

So, Indian Gooseberry works the best - The Indian Way. Don't skip breakfast.

Children can enjoy lovely Indian Gooseberry candies, which is exactly how my Ayurvedic Physician introduced it to my little sister many years ago. Current ones are equally good.

Whatever you do, just remember not to overdo it. All will be Well!

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