About Me

The Allure Nature Journey

A Nature lover, a woman, a wife and a mom. Nature has always fascinated me. I have felt that every aspect of Nature is original, authentic and incomparable. Though the Sun rises every day, that sunrise is unique and shall never be the same for any other day. Similarly, no two leaves of a tree are the same, just as the fingerprint of the twins are not the same. The diversity and the variety in Nature are so enthralling, that I feel humbled by it.

Life and its twist and turn introduced me with an ancient system of healing from the land of Ayurveda. I pay my humble obeisance to those great seers and sages whose deep understanding of the ethereal bond between Earth, Nature, Human Body and Mind has gifted the world the tried, tested and followed by billions since centuries - Ayurveda. 

'Ayur' is derived from the ancient Sanskrit word 'Ayu' whose literal translation in English would be 'longevity'. Though, 'Ayu' also denotes life, health and well-being. And 'Veda' or more appropriately 'Ved' is derived from the word 'vid' literally meaning 'knowledge'. Therefore, Ayurveda means the 'Knowledge of Healthy Longevity or Life'. The more popular version is 'Science of Life', but I would like to stick to original context.

When Mark Twain said, "India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great-grandmother of tradition", he certainly did his part of the research most thoroughly.

It is that great-grandmother of tradition that has kept Ayurveda relevant today. True to their tradition, they have spread the knowledge among the general masses in absolute good faith and with a singular intention to encourage healthy living with natural remedies. I intend to do the same.

Nature's expanse cannot be contained with Ayurveda only. The oceans, mountains, the cardinal directions, the sounds of Nature, the trees, the animals, anything and everything that exists in Nature or is Nature - can heal us.

We too are a part of Nature, and that gives us the tremendous potential to heal ourselves.

I welcome you all to Heal Beautifully, Naturally to the Allure of Nature.